Desde Japón

En estos momentos duros y desesperantes para el pueblo japonés, queremos lanzar un mensaje de ánimo y fuerza para todos ellos, deseando que a la mayor brevedad se resuelvan los problemas nucleares, humanos y medioambietales que sufren estos días en el país del lejano oriente.

あなたは決して1人に感じない。 スペインから が我々のフルのサポートと団結を手際よく片付けた


The world looked on in shock as a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck Japan on March 11, triggering a huge tsunami that flooded villages and towns into a state of total devastation. Even as Japan struggles to recover, the worst is not over as the threat of radiation contamination increases as explosions continue to rock quake-affected nuclear plants.

We stand in solidarity with our Jesuits in Japan and continue to pray for the victims of this disaster and for all those providing rescue, relief and support to the victims.

We have received many emails from Jesuits and friends around the world offering condolences and asking for updates and how they can help. Our Jesuits in Japan have advised that donations should be directed to your local Caritas or to Caritas International.

Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated.

We will provide updates on the situation as we receive them.

  • First of all, let me express my appreciation for the many messages of condolence and encouragement we have received from around the world. You are surely aware of the enormity of the these catastrophic days in Japan, beginning with a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, followed quickly by colossal tsunami, and crippling the nuclear power plant that supplies a large portion of electric power to the Tokyo metropolis. Myriad aftershocks are felt daily.

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